Lanie Damon

Coaching / Job Search Success Teams
For more than 15 years I have worked with individuals in the job search process, which is well suited to the coaching model. Generally short-term goals can be identified and steps outlined toward achieving those goals. Follow up is one of my strengths and is conducted by phone, e-mail or in person in my Buckhead office in Atlanta.

Real People
As of February 2010 I am facilitating a job search success team to support job seekers in the search process. Currently this group meets in person weekly in my Buckhead office. This is a very structured process with weekly goal setting and follow up, plus the support of being in a small group and facilitated. Participants have access to me for questions during the week.

One of my strengths is in helping individuals identify resources and then following up with them to encourage their staying the course in the job search. It can be a lonely process and technology can contribute to that feeling of isolation. Over the years, past job search clients have landed in many areas, ranging from financial services to manufacturing. Sometimes our own thinking can be the biggest obstacle in the process. Learning about how our personal filters prevent our clear perception is an enormous help in the process. I help people reconnect to resources and grow their network, a basic component of every successful job search campaign.

Based on many years of experience, I have been successful in transferring my job search coaching model to work with managers in the corporate world as they seek to make changes within their positions. These may be growth targets around acquiring specific skills, achieving work/life balance, fitness goals, and/or values clarification.

I welcome your comments and reflections. Please be in touch with me by phone or email.

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Lanie Damon