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Welcome to Synchronicity-at-Work

Synchronicity has long been one of my favorite words, even before it entered the popular press through the work of author Dan Brown. Synchronicity refers to "meaningful coincidence, flow, a state of connectivity" and was identified in the work of Carl Jung. My work is helping people to find and create meaning and flow in their work and in their lives through their natural, human capabilities. Underlying all, I work from the perspective of Health Realization, which points people to their innate health and wisdom, in whatever the situation. When we are able to tap into that state of flow, life is fuller, more enjoyable. I am tremendously privileged to serve as a guide and counselor as individuals identify their flow state and how they can live their lives being more centered in a state of well being and abundance.

More than ten years ago I was doing the work of the Artist’s Way, based on the Julia Cameron’s book, and participated in a workshop, the Artist’s Way at Work, taught by Mark Bryan. Hence, my web site, “Synchronicity-at-Work.” It seems perfect, underscoring that I love helping individuals connect to what they do best and most easily, based on abilities, and functioning from a place of wholeness and insight. And the synchronicity is that people who want to work that way find me.

Creativity is also one of my fascinations. Each of us is a creative, imaginative human being with enormous potential. Creativity can be experienced in hundreds of ways. Most of us first think of artistic creativity as the primary domain of creativity. However, each of us has a wealth of creative potential, which involves orienting ourselves in such a way for that flow to be unleashed, and then channeled. I love working with individuals as they identify their areas of personal creativity. It may take the shape of solving problems in a unique way, or communicating with clarity to co-workers or the business press, or…. what’s yours? How would you describe it?

I invite you to explore my website, and I would love to set a consultation time to work with you.

I welcome your comments and reflections. Please be in touch with me by phone or email.

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Lanie Damon