Lanie Damon
Pinecone Symbolism

For many years the pinecone has been representative to me. It has stood for being less linear and more holistic in my thinking and in my practice. It has been a connection to the changing seasons as the earth moves through constant growth and decay. It represents the joy I often experience in the morning as I walk my dog and the remembrance of a delightful trip to some far-off place. I have collected pine cones from my neighborhood parks and from the grounds of the summer palace of the Dahli Lama.

In working with my graphic designer, I requested that the pinecone be part of my logo. As I expressed how I like to work with clients, the ideal of the golden mean was articulated, and has now been made more popular and well known with its association to Fibonnaci numbers. My logo of the golden mean with the pinecone represents my working with clients who are striving for balance and lightness in their lives, for wholeness and health, for growth and understanding. My role is to walk with my clients in their journeys.

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Lanie Damon