Lanie Damon

Facilitating small groups has been a constant in my professional and volunteer life for well more than twenty years. Small group process was the theoretical foundation of my undergraduate education major and first teaching model. Facilitation services include professional meetings, board meetings and retreats, on-going groups, classes, and other small group settings. Having an objective point of view in a meeting or group can smooth the way for discussions. That is my role as the facilitator. Ground rules, facilitation techniques and a facilitator enable all parties to participate in discussions and decisions.

Real People
I use a collaborative model, drawing on the experience of everyone in the group. I have widely employed the "Technology of Participation" model from the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

In helping small groups create personal visions or meshing their career vision to that of their organization I try to play the role of the "mirror," reflecting what I am hearing and observing and angling the feedback in such a way for the person to gain an insight. Group participants have wonderful feedback for each other and I am skilled in methods to encourage sharing feedback.

I value your comments and reflections. Please be in touch with me by phone or email.

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Lanie Damon