Lanie Damon

Supervision for Licensure
One of my most enjoyable professional experiences has been watching counselors early in their careers mature as they move through the professional development process. In the three years of supervision, current requirement by Georgia law, I observe their significant evolution and growth, both professionally, as well as developmentally. I completed my own licensure process in 1993, many years after having earned my master's degree, and began supervision work in 1996. As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia my focus is career and life balance counseling. I serve as the off-site supervisor in the licensure process.

Real People
I ask my career counselor supervision clients to set their individual career and life goals, with time lines, and my role is that of a sounding board, being the off-site supervisor. I have watched these clients grow immensely as they work with other counselors whose styles are different from their own. They come to see the benefit of using various styles, adapting to what can most benefit their clients. We use a success model in the supervision meeting. I first want to know what has worked well for them, believing that we learn best from positive examples. There is usually ample time to explore the "problem situations." I have encouraged sharing follow up stories also. One of the downsides in the career field is that we don't always hear where our clients have landed, especially in working with student populations. As career professionals we tend to think of the landing as the pay off and may not gain closure without that confirmation.

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Lanie Damon