Lanie Damon

Organizational Consulting around Career Development
Working with a colleague, I designed and delivered a career development series targeted to several hundred call center employees in a financial services environment. This program included a half-day workshop designed to clarify personal values and strengths, utilization of assessment instruments and one-on-one follow up coaching. The goal was to help employees determine where they wanted to work within the organization, projecting two-years forward and to identify what additional skills would be recommended for them, given their career goals, i.e., bridging the gap.

Another project was a series of three career enhancement workshops delivered to all levels of workers in a healthcare environment. The workshops covered two basic assessment instruments, resume work for in-house and external resumes, and interviewing skills. Beginning with the reflective process, articulating strengths and practicing interview questions follows the model of working from insight to communicating with others.

Career Management
In todayís world of work each one of us must acquire the skills of career management. In times past this was often the responsibility of oneís manager. Managers donít have time to do that in the current business climate of retraction and accomplishing more work with fewer staff. So it is the mandate of each professional to plan and manage our individual careers. Perhaps it really has always been so, but now it clearly falls on our plate. Integral to career management is being a continuous learner. What skills are you acquiring? What are you working on? What new direction will you move? I can help you clarify your goals in these areas.

Career Management is also a great topic for an in-house workshop, which I would be delighted to present to your work group, networking gathering or professional association. It can be targeted to specific skills or more generic and longer term focused.

I welcome your comments and reflections. Please be in touch with me by phone or email.

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Lanie Damon